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Re: Don't say I never spoiled anything for you

From: Chris Campbell <sankarah@ou.edu>

>Remember, it's *Godzilla*.  If you want depth and character development
>in a Godzilla flick, you're . . . well, disturbed, really.  

Well, I guess I'm "disturbed" then!  

Look at it this way: in order to be entertaining a fantasy movie has to 
allow us to suspend our sense of disbelief.  

The Star Wars series is hilariously implausible but it draws you into 
its world and allow you to enjoy.  Devlin and Emmerich's movies 
(Stargate, Independence Day) are so VERY dumb that you derive no 
satisfaction from them.  

Imagine the President of a demolished, embattled United States leading 
an air strike!  It was hollow, foolish and left me feeling cheated.  I 
suspect that Godzilla will do the same.  


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