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Re: Don't say I never spoiled anything for you

Stephen Faust wrote:
> Agree. Every good writer knows that a good story depends on plot, logic,
> and characterization.Logic allows you to suspend disbelief. Star Wars had
> all of these things and so did the first Indiana Jones. Jones 2 and 3
> should have been created around the same characters. If the bad guy ( all
> us fossil dealers to you folks ),survived into Jones 2 and 3,
> together with Karen Allen, these films could have been vastly
> improved.Godzilla, as you suggest, will probably be another Lost World and
> good writing will be sacrificed for special effects and a shallow story
> line. Of course, I'll see it anyway. A truely neat picture might be a
> remake of the original Lost World ( Doyle) set in the 18th century and
> faithful to the original story line.No movie/video game hybrid, just good
> writing.

You guys are missing the point.  Watch the original Godzilla movies. 
You won't find great plots or characterization, except perhaps in the
original (Japanese) film.  Star Wars is a mythic adventure with space
vehicles and alien races as props.  Indiana Jones is one of the defining
films of the action/adventure genre.  Godzilla is something altogether
different.  The yardstick isn't good action/adventure or science fantasy
films; it's not even crappy big-budget extraveganzas made by the same
people.  The only valid measure here is prior Godzilla work.  If it
follows in that tradition, fine.  It's done its job, regardless of
whether or not it's done in the framework of a good story.  If there's a
good story to go with (as there sorta was in the original and the 1985
remake), even better.  Expecting great plot and characterization,
however, is expecting heights that Godzilla flicks have never attempted
to reach.  That would be a mistake, IMO, both because it wastes your
time and sleights the film.

To get this back on dinos, a good take on the original Lost World IMO is
Greg Bear's Dinosaur Summer.  Basically the original plot with lots of
historical value and some nifty evolutionary guesswork (i.e., what would
dinos be like 65 million years later?)  Anyone else read it?  Any