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Triassic/Jurassic vertebrates, Madagascar

Although interest in the faunas of the Cretaceous of Madagascar appears
to be growing, with several recent discoveries, is there any information
that anyone has on the earler faunas. The reason I ask is that I shall
be in western Madagascar forseveral months doing survey work for an oil
company, and althoughsome of the units I will be looking at are known to
contain dinosaur and other vert material, there is very little
information that I can get hold of. 
Fluvial,lacustrine and lagoonal Triassic seds have produced fish and
some reptile remains, but more interesting is the ?top Triassic to Lower
Jurassic fluvial stuff. This is pre-Toarcian (overlain by marine sands
with ammonites), and apparently contains sauropod material (bones
assigned, probably wrongly, to _Bothriospondylus_ have been recorded). 
Does anyone have any further informationor indeed suggestions of what
would be expected in a Gondwanan locality of this age.

Cheers,    Charlie