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darren.naish@port.ac.uk wrote:
> I recently saw a paper on a new European cymbospondyline
> ichthyosaur that has been named _Belanosaurus_. Does anyone have a
> ref for this? Incidentally, I put 'shastasaurid' in commas because of
> Motani's recent assertion that the group is polyphyletic.
Sure, here it is;

Dal Sasso, Cristiano and Giovanni Pinna, 1996. Besanosaurus
leptorhynchus n. gen. n. sp., a new shastasaurid ichthyosaur from the
Middle Triassic of Besano (Lombardy, N. Italy). Paleontologia Lombarda,
Nuova seire Volume IV: 1-23.

Also, in the last few years an incredable amount of ichthyosaurs have
been described.

Shastasaurus neubigi SANDER, 1997

Genus: Paraophthalmosaurus ARKHANGELKY, 1997
 P. saveljeviensis ARKHANGELSKY, 1997 (Type)
 P. saratoviensis ARKHANGELSKY, 1998

Genus: Caypullisaurus FERNANDEZ, 1997
 C. bonapartei FERNANDEZ, 1997 (Type)

Genus: Plutoniosaurus EFIMOV, 1997
 P. bedengensis EFIMOV, 1997 (Type)

Genus: Brachypterygius zhuravlevi ARKHANGELSKY, 1998

Genus: Otschevia V. EFRIMOV, 1998
 O. pseudoscythica V. EFRIMOV, 1998 (Type)

Genus: Mikadocephalus MAISCH & MATZKE, 1998
 M. gracilirostris MAISCH & MATZKE, 1998 (Type)

Genus: Wimanius MAISCH & MATZKE, 1998
  W. odontopalatus MAISCH & MATZKE, 1998 (Type)

Genus: Sangiorgiosaurus BRINKMANN, 1998
  S. kuhnschnyderi BRINKMANN, 1998 (Type)

Genus: Leptonectes McGOWAN, 1996
= Leptopterygius HUENE 1922 non Leptopterygius TROSCHEL, 1860 (a fish)
L. solei (McGOWAN, 1993) McGOWAN, 1996
   = Leptopterygius solei McGOWAN, 1993

Genus: Ichthyosaurus janiceps McGOWAN, 1996