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new (fictional) troodontid species

While relaxing between bouts of lawnmowing this weekend, I finally got
around to reading my latest issue of Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine (the
June 1998 issue).

There was a story in their by Stephen Dedman, dinosaur fan and author of the
GURPS Dinosaurs role-playing supplement (on which I consulted).  The story,
entitled "Target of Opportunity", is a time-travel short story (or short
short: not certain on what the cutoff is these days), set in the Late Mesozoic.

I was surprised to find that the protagonist's pet troodontid was from a
Mongolian species named _Borogovia holtzi_!  :-)  (Couldn't believe I had
let that issue lie around for a week or two before reading it...).

Thanks, Stephen, if you're out there!

(By the way, George, "stygivenators" are mentioned in passing).

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