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Re: Don't say I never spoiled anything for you

From: Chris Campbell <sankarah@ou.edu>

>You guys are missing the point.

I think that depends on what point you're trying to make.

>  Watch the original Godzilla movies. 
>You won't find great plots or characterization, except perhaps in the
>original (Japanese) film.  Star Wars is a mythic adventure with space
>vehicles and alien races as props.  Indiana Jones is one of the 
>films of the action/adventure genre.  Godzilla is something altogether
>different.  The yardstick isn't good action/adventure or science 
>films; it's not even crappy big-budget extraveganzas made by the same
>people.  The only valid measure here is prior Godzilla work.  If it
>follows in that tradition, fine.  It's done its job, regardless of
>whether or not it's done in the framework of a good story.  

Well then, I'd suggest that it's you who's missed the point.  You're 
confusing how entertaining a movie is with how faithful it is to its 
genre, two *very* different things.

Just because a movie is a genre movie doesn't require you to judge it 
based *exclusively* or even *primarily* on its prior genre criteria; 
Sony didn't make this movie for the fanboys; they made it for a huge 
audience, many of whom are either unfamiliar with the Japanese kid's 
movies or actively dislike them.

Sony doesn't want you to say, "boy, that sucked and so I'm not coming 
back, but I admit it was much better than the Japanese movies;" they 
want you to say "wow, that was really fun; I'm coming back next 

So when you're in the theater, don't be afraid to ask yourself, "hmmm, 
was that entertaining or moronic?"  Forget about genre unless you're a 

By the way, one of America's premier paleontologists has reminded me not 
to forget the TV movie GARGANTUA airing, by some coincidence, this 
weekend.  I think it's Tommy Lee's biopic.  Well, since he says so, I'll 
add it to Dinosaur TV Week, coming in the next hour or so.


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