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Re: Don't say I never spoiled anything for you

> Just because a movie is a genre movie doesn't require you to judge it 
> based *exclusively* or even *primarily* on its prior genre criteria; 
> Sony didn't make this movie for the fanboys; they made it for a huge 
> audience, many of whom are either unfamiliar with the Japanese kid's 
> movies or actively dislike them.
> Sony doesn't want you to say, "boy, that sucked and so I'm not coming 
> back, but I admit it was much better than the Japanese movies;" they 
> want you to say "wow, that was really fun; I'm coming back next 
> weekend."
> So when you're in the theater, don't be afraid to ask yourself,
> was that entertaining or moronic?"  Forget about genre unless you're
> fanboy.

By your own admission, a movie should be fun.  Then why are so many
people on the list stressing aobut details that seem unrealistic to
them?  The very idea of a lizard that has been mutated into some
gigantic theropod-like monster by is a fairly moronic idea in the
first place, but if you can get past that hurdle, why is it necessary
to have other areas of the movie be so technically accurate?  In _Lost
World_, for instance, leaving aside all aspects of whether or not the
dinosaurs were portrayed accurately, the story mostly flowed.  So
there were problems that critical eyes could see, like the death of
eveyone on the ship, for instance, but I have to wonder how people who
worry excessively about problems like this every have any fun at the
movies at all.

BTW, Godzilla was never a kid's movie.
Also, I have tickets to a sneak preview tonight.  I can send a quick
review of the movie after I see it, (without spoilers) as well as try
and gauge how much "dinosaurology" was in the movie.

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