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Please SPARE US ALL - NO dinos in Godzilla was Re: Don't say I never spoiled anything for you

Having already seen the movie and as posted previously having confirmed
that other than a  red-haired paleontologist, there are VIRTUALLY NO
DINOSAURS in the film, nor is paleontology even a passing issue in the
script, I would respectfully ask ya'll to EXCHANGE YOUR MOVIE REVIEWS
OFF LIST. Please?


Other than that, I hope EVERYBODY enjoys Godzilla. It is fun. That is
all it ever was meant to be.

Raolin Darksbane wrote:

> BTW, Godzilla was never a kid's movie.

By the way, Godzilla (after the original Japanese version) was ALWAYS a
kids movie and if Mr. Darksbane or anyone else would like to correspond
with me OFF LIST, I would be charmed to discuss it at great length. I
have a taped interview with Henry Saperstein, the American producer that
confirms this, so all other opinions are simply personal and you are
welcome to them so long as you don't keep inflicting them on the
Dinosaur list.

> Also, I have tickets to a sneak preview tonight.  I can send a quick
> review of the movie after I see it, (without spoilers) as well as try
> and gauge how much "dinosaurology" was in the movie.
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