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Re: Please SPARE US ALL - NO dinos in Godzilla was Re: Don't say I never spo...

In a message dated 98-05-19 11:57:10 EDT, you write:

> Having already seen the movie and as posted previously having confirmed
>  that other than a  red-haired paleontologist, there are VIRTUALLY NO
>  DINOSAURS in the film, nor is paleontology even a passing issue in the
>  script, I would respectfully ask ya'll to EXCHANGE YOUR MOVIE REVIEWS
>  OFF LIST. Please?
>  Please?

Once again I second it! It's bad enough when a dino related post is ran into
the dirt!as has happened too much recently as well.  I spend more tiime
deleteing these ad nauseum non dino, non paleontoloigcally related posts and
see far fewer quality posts than I used to see

Please exercise some restraint and consideration for your fellow list members
who do not have the time or disc space or who otherwise do not share your
interest in spurious subjects ad nauseum.

While I am ta it, this goes for requests for school work too. Ever heard of
the library?

! Let's not have to bother Mickey, Ok?

Thomas R. Lipka 
Paleontological/Geological Studies