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Dear Esteemed Group,

   Someone here hit the head on the nail. I'm here to learn so I keep my
mouth shut! I am an Astrophysicist by training and I realize that I have
little to offer and much to receive in this area. Unfortunately, every
class has a minority that is "spring-loaded in the dumb position."

   I enjoy the relevant information freely shared by folks like Thomas R.
Holtz, Jr., Tracy Ford, Jaime Headden and others who approach this list
with a mature, focused and pedagogical intent. Professionalism in any field
is easily recognized.

   Please don't respond unless you have legitimate paleontological
information that you feel is relevant and appropriate for this list. I know
the difference between fact and fiction (movies) and I appreciate the
entertainment provided by movies, television and books. As an adult, while
appreciating the exercise of human imagination I do not confused the
difference between fact and fiction. Godzilla is a fictional movie.

   My humble apologies to all serious members for this outburst,

Respectfully yours,
A student

"Dance to the beat of life with the spirit of youth"