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On May 19, 11:40am, Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:

> Tracy, in fact, got the facts incorrect in his statement: amniotes is NOT
> the term for these critters.  Amniota is a term applying to sauropsids and
> synapsids (i.e., reptiles & their ancestors and mammals & their ancestors).
> The term he's looking for is "basal tetrapod" or "anamniote".
> Note that "Amniota" and "Tetrapoda" and "Lissamphibia" are all words that
> LONG predate cladistics, and were used by many of the late, great
> paleontologists and neontologists of the 20th Century.

Can anyone clarify, IS there a monophyletic label that describes early
"amphibians" + lissamphibia (e.g. anamniota?), excluding amniota, and if
so, what is the definition and what groups are included?

Thanks in advance for help on this one

Tony Canning