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RE: Don't say I never spoiled anything for you (aka beaten down n nugget)

        David Lessin made a comment that I fell guilt enough to explain
myself. David wondered about my "PRIVATE club" comment and it seemed to me
that it might be read out of context and considered rude on my part (and if
it was then please take this as an apology):

        I do not mean to propagate this diatribe but I would like to explain
my "PRIVATE club" comment to insure that you were not ment to be

        The short version: I was flamed for being a "silent...
non-contributor" to the list and not contributing until this
non-dinosaur-but-big-lizard  dialog got (in what was my opinion) out of
hand. The "PRIVATE club" comment was related to this context and only this

        Again i do not mean to propagate this, BUT wanted to explain and if
necessary apologize for any offense taken by list members for the "PRIVATE
club" comment. As you can see from the "signature" my forte is not paleo,
much less dinosauria related. But i have a keen interest in the study and
wanted to learn as a "silent-fly-on-the-wall" observer with occasional

        Again my apologies if they are need. 

        And let me take this time to thanks the Pros as the well learned
amateurs for letting myself (and others like myself) glean from your

        Don F. Inman
        Control Law Design and Analysis 
        Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems