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Kayenta Fm (and Dinosaur Trivia Question)

jaemei@hotmail.com ("Jaime Headden") wrote:

> The Cloverly, to my knowledge, is Early Cretaceous.
>Someone tell me if there is confirmed *Coelphysis*
>specimens from the Jurassic, but a LT jump to EC?

Nope. I was thinking Chugwater Fm. (Tr.) and wrote
Cloverly (eK) instead.  I am still trying to find
the Wyoming formation where the Coelophysis
material was collected.

Regarding something else I wrote (about the
Coelphysis being found in the Kayenta Fm. at
Ghost Ranch NM): That may be in error too.
Of course, most (all?) of the C. material comes out of the
Chinle Fm.  My source for Coelophysis material
from the Kayenta Fm. (a pop book) may be a ?misprint.

Anybody have any information on the Kayenta Fm.?
Age, where found?  Is the Kayenta Fm. found
at Ghost Ranch?  If so, is it above or below the
Chinle Fm?


                 Phil Bigelow