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Kayenta and Chinle

The Kayenta Fm. is part of the Glen Canyon Group, which includes (from oldest 
to youngest) 
the Wingate, Moenave, Kayenta, and Navajo Fms.  Unless there is some more 
recent work I 
don't know about (very possible), the age of the entire Glen Canyon Gp. is not 
constrained but thought to be earliest Jurassic.
The Chinle Fm. lies below the Kayenta Fm. and is a time equivalent of the 
Dockum Gp. in 
Texas and Oklahoma, and the Popo Agie Fm. of Wyoming.  It is thought to be 
latest Triassic.
A good reference for the basic stratigraphy and paleontology of these 
formations can be 
found in the book "The Beginning of the Age of Dinosaurs", 1986, Kevin Padian 
Cambridge Univ. Press