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Though I shouldn't really be sending this since I have not yet read the 
Scientific American articles I can put some input into this.


Depending on where the bird is standing the posture changes.  If the 
bird is perching, the bird is in a semi-vertical to vertical posture.  
While it is on ground is a different matter completely... Depending on 
the weight of the hindlimbs and the ability of the forelimbs to fold, 
the posture can be horizontal to near-vertical.  Let me point out 
something, Confuciusornis coud fold its forelimbs and this >could< bring 
the body in a vertical posture.  Look at Pennycuick's work in regard to 
the posture and locomotion of pterosaurs, he showed that Archaeopteryx 
could stand in a vertical posture concieveably.  

More when I get the articles.....

Matt Troutman

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