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Re; dinosaurs in the media

In a message dated 98-05-19 16:16:14 EDT, you write:

>  Dinosaurs and the
>  Media is a valid subject for discussion among dinosaur enthusiasts and
>  dinosaurologists.

Yes. Dinosaurs and the media are but not Godzilla!

>  If so, there wouldn't be sections on it in so many
>  popular dinosaur books, _The Complete Dinosaur_ being a very
>  respectable example.

You are comparing apples to rocks. There is NO comparison between the two.
"The Complete Dinosaur" is as you say, a popular work, designed for
consumption by the public at large. Despite this, it is too, a well
structured, comprehensive text that is a must for any student's or
professionals library! 

Despite the public nature of this list. Most Internet Mailing Lists were
created by profesiionals and related types who shared a common interest in
computers and their respective fields. It was dominated by those in the
scientific community, it's rules and structure reflect the common scientific
interest. Only recently with the widespread public interest in the above have
the public been interested in participating. In effect you and I are in
_their_home_. Thus whose rules do you follow? Instead of looking for loopholes
in a very loosely structured email list please just cooperate with the will of
the collective minds! How would you like it if someone were to discuss a
forbidden subject at your home?  The same applies here.

This is not intentioned as a flame and was deemed necessary to bring you and
others who think this way up to speed on the evolutionary history of this and
all other lists like it!


Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/geological Studies

And to be perfectly clear, I am not a professional paleontologist and do not
represent the professional community. I am a visitor just as you are.