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Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:
> At 08:18 AM 5/19/98 -0700, Raolin wrote:
> >> I think it's the 'term' amphibian that throws people off.  They should
> >> be called amnoites (as Rober Carroll once corrected me), and only the
> >> lisamphibians should be called amphibians.
> >>
> >> Tracy
> >>
> >

> Tracy, in fact, got the facts incorrect in his statement: amniotes is NOT
> the term for these critters.  Amniota is a term applying to sauropsids and
> synapsids (i.e., reptiles & their ancestors and mammals & their ancestors).
> The term he's looking for is "basal tetrapod" or "anamniote".
Tom, didn't you read what I wrote? I didn't call them amniotes, Robert
Carroll TOLD me they were amnoites.
>>They should be called amnoites (as Rober Carroll once corrected me)<< 

I showed him my list of 'Labyrinthodons' early amphibians and HE said
they should be called AMNOITES, and he didn't say it in passing, he was
really serious. So go talk to him.