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Feduccia and Padian - no debate

<Decloaking to fire weapons>

Someone spoke of the letters between these two in the current SciAm as
a "debate."  This exchange bears as much resemblance to a debate as
does the Monty Python Argument Sketch, and mostly I blame Padian for it.
His letter was rather self-serving and needless.  Here's how it reads to

(on the bird digits as I, II, III).

Feduccia: No, it ain't.
Padian: Yes, it is.
F: No, it ain't.
P: Yes, it is.
F: No, it ain't.
P: Yes, it is.
F: No, it ain't.
P: Yes, it is.
.......... et ad infinitum.

To me, an interested, and I think, reasonably intelligent outsider (an
ecologist), Feduccia and colleagues have done what scientists are
supposed to do. They have produced an observation which tends to
negate an hypothesis that was advanced to explain an observation.
Padian, et al., have done what they were supposed to do, i.e., scramble
around to find an explanation which accommodates the new data but
saves the hypothesis.  It seems to me, however, that Padian and others
have had to scramble quite a bit and resort to some unstraightforward
explanations to reconcile the bird and dinosaur hands.  Parsimony would
favor Feduccia here, but Padian may still be right. I await more data.

As far as Caleb is concerned... I think this guy showed up on
sci.bio.ecology about a year ago trying to get people to do his homework
for him then.  You listening, Caleb?  That computer your mum and dad
bought you is a tool.  Use it AND your brain. Go to the library and do your
own homework.


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