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Godzilla: Not a Dinosaur, But Very Cool!

        To settle the ongoing debate about whether Godzilla is a dinosaur
and therefore an appropos subject for the list:  having seen a sneak
preview of the movie last night, I can say that they state quite bluntly in
the movie that (at least the new one) it is _not_ a dinosaur -- it's a big,
radioactively mutated marine iguana.  However, someone in charge of doing
the effects really and honestly _did_ do some homework on both dinosaurs
(which were undoubtedly used in making Godzilla a biped, especially the
feet) and iguanas (since Godzilla moves both quadrupedally, with a
sprawling forelimb posture, and swims with the tail sculling typical of
marine lizards).  For those about to see the movie:  watch for some subtle
but very nice homage footage to both the original Godzilla concept and two
scenes mimicking "Jurassic Park" and "The Lost World" footage!  8-D

        Completely absurd in subject matter, the movie is nevertheless
exceptionally entertaining, and, unlike the Crichton movies, it didn't
leave me wanting at _all_ for more special effects!  My advice:  see it in
a big theater with digital sound for full effect.  But I hope that we can
refrain from nit-picking the movie to death here -- it's _just_
entertainment, after all!

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