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re: Godzilla: Not a Dinosaur, But Very Cool!

102354.2222@compuserve.com (Jerry D. Harris) wrote:
> However, someone in charge of doing the effects really and 
> honestly _did_ do some homework on both dinosaurs
> (which were undoubtedly used in making Godzilla a biped, 
> especially the feet) and iguanas (since Godzilla moves both 
> quadrupedally, with a sprawling forelimb posture, and swims 
> with the tail sculling typical of marine lizards).  

A field examination of two specimens of Godzilla showed: 
Dentition:  19 teeth in the upper jaw, 17 in the lower jaw.
(from Roarin' Action Godzilla)
Four digits on the hind feet--one held off the ground.
Five rows of plates along the back, tapering down the tail.
An odd carapace/muscular breast plate.
(Godzilla with Powerstyle Battle Bite)

It does look like an Alien/Stegosaur hybrid.