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Re: Apology Re: Dinosaurs in the Media

From: "D.I.G." <dinosaur@dinosaur.org>

>I'd like to apologize to the list for a series of postings that were
>intended to be private.
>Mr. Dyal has chosen for his own personal reasons to post private 
>My own opinion is that this was inappropriate.

There seems to be a lot of that going around lately.

Someone nemed Inman did the same thing to me lately with private thread 
material.  It started when he, in one breath, chasitised me for posting 
off-topic material (all of this Godzilla fluff) and then admitted that 
he's a lurker!

Since he misrepresented my position, let me make it clear that I have 
nothing against lurkers.  People should contribute if and when they feel 
comfortable.  But a lurker has a *lot* of nerve decloaking to flame a 
regular for inappropriate postings!


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