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Re: Apology Re: Dinosaurs in the Media

Larry, this isn't a list for 'regulars", this is a list for EVERYBODY
that subscribes.  He's a subscriber.  So are you.  You have equal
Play nice boys.  And keep bad manners off the list.

-Betty Cunningham

Larry Dunn wrote:
> From: "D.I.G." <dinosaur@dinosaur.org>
> >I'd like to apologize to the list for a series of postings that were
> >intended to be private.
> >Mr. Dyal has chosen for his own personal reasons to post private
> e-mail.
> >My own opinion is that this was inappropriate.
> There seems to be a lot of that going around lately.
> Someone nemed Inman did the same thing to me lately with private thread
> material.  It started when he, in one breath, chasitised me for posting
> off-topic material (all of this Godzilla fluff) and then admitted that
> he's a lurker!
> Since he misrepresented my position, let me make it clear that I have
> nothing against lurkers.  People should contribute if and when they feel
> comfortable.  But a lurker has a *lot* of nerve decloaking to flame a
> regular for inappropriate postings!
> Larry