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Re: Majungatholus

On Wed, 20 May 1998, Walt Owen wrote:

> 1. Why was Majungasaurus renamed Majungatholus?

I'm writing this because I'm a little unclear myself. My understanding is
that Majungasaurus is the older name and if the two be synonyms then
Majungasaurus has priority. I presume then that the two are not synonyms
and Majungasaurus is dismissed as a nomen dubium because the type material
cannot be reliably distinguished from a number of large theropods. The
type material of Majunatholus can, and therefore is the valid taxon. Is
that right? It will be another two weeks before our library will get the
issue, oh well as Tom always preaches, patience. 

> 2. What does Majungatholus translate into?

Majunga dome. The -tholus part is a common suffix applied to
pachycephalosaurian taxa, and the type of Majungatholus was initially
thought to be a pachycephalosaur.

> Thanks in advance!
> Walt
> Science 7/8
> UHMS Riverside, CA