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recent K mammal postings

To clear things up for the list,

My recent response to J. Bois might seem a bit harsh to some new readers on
the list.  Don't let this stop you from posting serious and sincere
questions: we'd love to see them.

The individual in question here, however, has been posting to this list and
several others for a couple of years now on matters concerning Mesozoic
mammals.  What is so frustrating is the observation that, despite his
obvious interest in the subject, he doesn't seem to have bothered to make
even a cursory glance at the scientific literature on the subject.

Okay, so he isn't a paleontologist.  Nevertheless, if I were going to spend
a lot of time over a period of years posting to a science fiction listserve
group and talk a lot about Isaac Asimov, I might want to actually read some
of his stuff first.  Then I might not make comments such as "Oh, Asimov
didn't write very much stuff" (an analogous comment to "Paleontologists
hardly ever look for mammals in C. [by which I assuming he meant
"Cretaceous", not "Carboniferous"] rocks").

In other words (and this applies to an even more general level): do your

And have a nice day.

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