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Re: Request for sources of fossil REPLICAS

It's a good thing that Don requested that answers to his query regarding
paleo repros were to be answered off list, so the rest of us wouldn't have
to receive mail that wasn't ours.


> From: Ralph Miller III <gbabcock@best.com>
> To: bettyc@flyinggoat.com; don.f.inman@lmco.com
> Cc: 'dinosaur@usc.edu'
> Subject: Re: Request for sources of fossil REPLICAS
> Date: Thursday, May 21, 1998 11:23 AM
> More sources for fossil replicas:
> Valley Anatomical, run by Mary Odano, famous for work on
> Her company phone # is (818) 347-3494, and you can read more in Peter Von
> Sholly's post on 9-13-97.  Top quality.
> Among other things, Gaston Design produces a _Utahraptor_ ungual (claw)
> with a removable "keratin" sheath.  The # is (970) 858-4785, and you can
> read Jim Kirkland's letter about them in his post circa 7/8/97.
> Two Guys Minerals and Fossils has a nice catalog of replicas.  Their # is
> the catchy 1 (800) FOSSILS or you can visit their web site at
> <www.twoguysfossils.com>.  
> Finally, for the frugally inclined, I recommend Prehistoric Products Co.
> <www.finishingfirst.com>.  You can see a full page ad in the latest
> _Prehistoric Times_ magazine, but the web site is worth a look.  The
> specializes in producing quantities of simple teeth, claws, and skeletal
> slab gypsum fossil replicas, and offers many package deals, such as the
> "Museum In A Box," which includes 19 small specimens for a mere $79.95
> $10 shipping.  The skulls included in this set are bas-relief, not full
> in-the-round replicas, but you can't beat the price!  I passed around
> fossil casts at my dinosaur workshop at my son's elementary school.  Kids
> like to get their hands on everything, so it makes sense to use cheapo
> replicas in this setting.
> I think fossil replicas are great!  I've got some slab fossil replicas up
> on the wall.  Really dresses up the place.  And, most importantly, this
> the originals (especially rare fossils like _Archaeopteryx_) are safely
> kept in perpetuity in institutional collections where scientists can
> them.  (No, I'm not starting up that thread again; read all about it in
> archives).    
> -- Ralph (not on commission) Miller III     gbabcock@best.com
> "I remember when rock was young."