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Re: No Hedging.

Betty Cunningham wrote:
> does this mean something like a difference as small as modern domestic
> animal variation due to selection?  Like trying to tell the difference
> between a Devonian Rex (curly-ratted coated cat) and a Scottish Fold
> (curled-over-ear cat) merely by looking at the skeleton (or a Golden Lab
> and a Black lab)? So VISUALLY, in person, the mice-and-elephant
> creatures could have been distinct from each other but internally they'd
> be nearly identical?
> Or would they have been even MORE alike than even that and just carried
> the new-and-separate genes that would allow for later spciation?

There's not really any way to tell.  The molecular method suggests the 
date of the divergence, i.e. the age of the LCA.  Used in the present 
fashion, it says nothing about when elephants became elephant-like.  It 
only suggests the last time an elephant's ancestor was also the ancestor 
of a mouse. 

  --Toby White