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The skull of the elusive Majungatholus was found last year 
in Madagascar.  Previously known from teeth littered at 
other Madagascar dinosaur sites and a head-less skeleton, 
this specimen resembles some Argentinian dinosaur 
specimens.  This suggests that Madagascar and South 
America remained connected to Antaractica after South 
America began to drift away from a southern supercontinent 
(Gondwana) around 70 million years ago.

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Dann's Dinosaur web site contains recreations and 
descriptions of Australia's many dinosaurs.  You can learn 
more about down under species such as Allosaurus, 
Austrosaurus, Katuru, Leaellyuasaura, Minmi, 
Muttaburrasaurus, Rhotosaurus and more which come from 
sites such as Dinosaur cover.

Go to http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/4459 to 
learn more about Australian dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs left trace fossils represented by tracks, tooth 
marks, eggs, nests, gastroliths, and coprolites. Body fossils 
of dinosaurs include bones and skin impressions. You can 
now explore these fossils on-line at the Dinosaur Trace 
Fossils web site. As an example of the distinction between 
dinosaur body fossils and trace fossils, skin impressions are 
not trace fossils unless they were made while the dinosaur 
was still alive, such as the skin impressions that might be 
associated with a footprint.

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Dinosaurs of the Flaming Cliffs
by Michael Novacek, Ed Heck (Illustrator)

This book documents the exploration of the American 
Museum of Natural History expedition to the Mongolian 
badlands known as Ukhaa Tolgod. In this region of Flaming 
Cliffs lie the sites of where dinosaur eggs, Velociraptors, 
Protoceratops, small theropods, early mammals, and a 
variety of other paleontological discoveries were found. It is 
also a tale of not only prehistoric struggle , but of modern 
challenges of mounting expedtions into Mongolia. Dinosaurs 
of the Flaming Cliffs tells tales of how the scientists dealt 
with dust storms, uncertain economies, and a variety of 
political challenges to get to one of the most remote regions 
on the planet to learn about Earth's history.

Publication date: September 1996

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ecyberspamuseuA/  for more information or to by this book 
at $17.47