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Greg Paul asked for a ref in which a hypothetical bird-mammal 
intermediate creature was figured. Matt Troutman offered..

> Lovtrup, M. 1985.  On the classification of the taxon Tetrapoda. 
> Systematic Zoology 34: 463-470.  

This is a Lovtrup classic but, nope, there is  no restoration of any 
such 'intermediate' in this paper (the only diagrams in the paper are 

Francois de Sarre's papers often include restorations of 
bizarre intermediate taxa (e.g. marine homunculi animals and 
hominin-_Pan_ intermediates), so may be worth checking out. I 
understand that de Sarre believes that reptiles are modified birds 
and that fishes are secondarily aquatic anamniotes, so any 
hypothetical intermediates he has illustrated there would be 
interesting indeed. This is off track to mammal-bird intermediates 
though, as de Sarre has never proposed that these existed.

De Sarre publishes his own journal, _Bipedia_: the aforementioned 
articles are published there, plus he had a lengthy article in..

DOWNES, J. (ed) 1997. _The CFZ Yearbook 1997_. CFZ Publications 

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