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dinosaurs and libraries

There was recently a comment to the effect that during the last few weeks
there have been requests for information on this mailing list that could be
easily, and fairly, gained from going to the library."  I do not dispute
the need for each person to do his or her own homework.  But I consider
consulting the people on this mailing list to be part of my homework.  And
those who think that the up-to-date, critical, knowledgeable, thoughtful
responses that I have come to expect from the people on this mailing list
can be more easily obtained at the library obviously do not live in
Brownsville, Texas.  The local university will not sell library cards to
non-students (truly bizarre), and the public library interlibrary loan
system is a joke (actually, that is being kind).

The internet is my primary library, certainly not by choice, and as much as
I admire the many web sites on dinosaurs, they simply do not have enough
detailed scientific information, or even references to same.  Those of us
who live in educationally challenged regions and make close to minimum wage
very much appreciate the access to information and expertise that this
mailing list provides.

Best regards,