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Re: dinosaurs and libraries

> P.S.  On a related note (to not having done homework), I recently
> purchased the revised edition of _Dinosaurs: a Global View_, mostly
> for the beautiful artwork, but I had hoped that some of the very
> outdated ideas had been updated as well.  I realize that there are
> many different ideas and views, but this book seems to be miles away
> from most everything else I've seen in a long time.

Whoops!  I forgot to finish off that paragraph!  I meant to ask, has
anyone else had any experience with this book, and if so, what was
your opinion?  I noticed that the bibliography quoted extensively from
newer citations, and some new finds were incorporated, mostly in the
boxes and captions, while the text seemed to be based on research as
extinct as the subject it portrays.

Joshua Dyal
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