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Last minute dinosaur pathology citations requested


 I'm still plugging away on the dinosaur paleopathology and related topics
bibliography. 730 popular/semi-popular, technical and Internet citations so
far. All annotated and cross referenced by genus/species and pathology

 I am now accepting any last minute entries. If you have a "pers. comm.";
manuscripts submitted/being reviewed/in press, or ongoing research
mentioning or discussing observations of dinosaur paleopathology and related
topics, please contact me offline. Related topics includes mass mortality,
egg pathology, footprints showing missing toes, etc.; trackways with limping
animals; insects in amber as potential vectors of disease (ie. biting flies,
mosquitoes), etc. Basically anything that could be preserved in the fossil
record is fair game as long as it involves dinosaurs.  If you require any
additional information, see my homepage: http://dns.magtech.ab.ca/dtanke

Newspaper/magazine articles are welcomed, too. I'm especially interested in
acquiring any popular articles on the large theropod bonebed excavated by
Coria, Currie et al. earlier this year. For contributed citations I need the
following basic data:

 Author of article, title of article, year of publication, journal name in
full (or newspapers name in full), volume and issue number (or date of
publication for newspaper articles) and full pagination. I may need new
articles mailed to me too- but let me know what you have first before
mailing- I may have them already. 
 I need the volume and issue # [ie. 61(5)] for Voynick's article appearing
in the popular magazine Rock and Gem, Sept. 1996 issue (short article on New
Jersey amber, p. 45). 

 I leave shortly for the ALBERTOSAURUS bonebed near Drumheller (June) and
then Dinosaur Provincial Park (July-August) so replies over the interim may
be sporadic.


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DARREN TANKE, Technician I, Dinosaur Research Program, ROYAL TYRRELL MUSEUM
OF PALAEONTOLOGY, Box 7500, Drumheller, Alberta, CANADA  T0J 0Y0 and:

Senior editor of: Annotated Bibliography of Paleopathology, Dento-Osteopathy
and Related Topics. 12,342 citations as of March 26, 1998.
For details, visit the bibliography homepage at: http://dns.magtech.ab.ca/dtanke
Can you help (translations, photocopying or financial support) with this
ongoing project? Email me at: dtanke@dns.magtech.ab.ca