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Dinosaur fact and fiction , or' I got the third - grade radical blues...'

Howdy folks, 
I have a bit of a dilemma on my hands .This past week I was helping my son
( the third - grader in question ) study for his end-of-the -year test .
One of the subjects was ' Dinosaurs : Fact or Fiction ' . It was basic ,
general grade - school material , and we had a good laugh at some of the
stuff . For instance : if you want to know how big a step(?) a dinosaur
could make , walk 15 feet; that's how far
Deinocheirus(!!!?) could move in one step.I told the lad that this was not
a fact , being that Deinocheirus material consisted of only the arm bones
of the animal . Another gem was ' to know how dinosaur skin feels , touch
an elephant . I promptly opened the Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs and showed my
son pictures and text of SCALY dinosaur skin impressions .The boy tried to
correct these false statements in class , and was chastised by his teacher
. She insinuated that I was not a degreed palentologist ( I'm not , but I
am a paleoartist and dinosaurologist ) and that the books from which I draw
my conclusions were just other peoples opinions , not necessarily fact .
Books like 'the Dinosauria' , 'The Complete Dinosaur' and 'the Encyclopedia
of Dinosaurs ' , just to name three .

Short of a public debate , my son and I need a little help in refuting
these notions with a little more clout than I have at hand .
Please reply off-list with any material . It will be greatly appreciated ,
( and the kids will get some real facts !)
Thanks in advance !

Regards , Truett Garner