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Re: No Hedging.

Betty wrote:
<does this mean something like a difference as small as modern domestic 
animal variation due to selection? Like trying to tell the difference 
between a Devonian Rex (curly-ratted coated cat) and a Scottish Fold 
(curled-over-ear cat) merely by looking at the skeleton...?>

  Here, DNA is used to define difference, as well as breed, more define 
(or derived) than race (like blonds over brunette human populations). 
The Devon rex breed, to my understanding, started out as a mutation that 
humans took a liking too [it was novel] and breed one similar mutation 
to another to produce ... the Rex cats. The Scottish Fold is a 
relatively ancient breed close to the Aby line, I believe, and arrived 
at the folds from a natural, wild state that apparently suited it, as a 
long tail was detrimental for the Manx' new "semi-hop" method of 
walking, again a possibly wild mutation that the population bred into 
wildly. My ref for this is the _Complete Cat_, currently on my library's 
"Recent" shelves, and sorry for no further details.

Jaime A. Headden

  Sorry about the no-dino thing.

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