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Godzilla - special list for wannabee Reviewers

Okay all you budding Siskel and Eberts, here is YOUR chance. 

In order to spare the rest of us from your well-thought out,
considerate, deeply insightful and unique opinions about the greatest
contribution to motion picture history since "The Birth of a Nation"
someone has kindly created a GODZILLA REVIEW LIST.

Following is all of the information, and I would respectfully urge you
to take him up on his kind offer sometime before the flood arrives here
in dinosaur land.

On 18 May 98 at 9:55, Guy McLimore wrote:

Excitement is high with the premiere of GODZILLA on over 8000 screens
May 20. (Many of us will get the chance to see the film May 19, where
theaters are running evening preview showings. A lot of you will want
to tell us what you think of the film, while others will NOT want to
have the surprises spoiled before they get a chance to attend.

This is NOT primarily a movie list, but I know there will be some
movie chatter anyway, so here's what I propose to do.

I'm setting up a separate mailing list for the inevitable Godzilla
reviews and discussion of the movie. If you WANT to be part of this,
send email to the list address at (guymc@evansville.net), but put the
following words in the subject line...


This will automatically subscribe you to the GVIEW list. (DO NOT put
anything else in the subject line. Spell it exactly as shown here!)

Once subscribed, if you want to send any sort of review or comment
about the US Godzilla movie, send it to the list address
(guymc@evansville.net) and make sure the word GVIEW is in the subject
line! If it isn't, the post won't appear. If you aren't subscribed
FIRST, the post won't appear, so wait for a confirmation about your
subscription before you send your comments!

I will DELETE all discussions of the movie from the regular GFORCE
list, so don't combine posts about the movie with toy-related posts --
they won't go through! (I'll be reasonable. If you say "I love the new
GODZILLA movie, but I think the new INSERT TOY NAME HERE isn't a good
likeness", it will likely go through. But if a comment is mainly a
movie comment instead of a toy comment, I'll NOT move the letter to
the new list -- I'll just dump it.

Also, the GVIEW list will have the same NO TOLERANCE FOR FLAMERS
policy as the GFORCE list. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but no
personal attacks, bad language, or flaming will be allowed. This isn't
a democracy and I reserve the right to delete any posts and
unsubscribe any posters that I think are offensive, inconsiderate, or
just plain mean. You don't like the rule, don't join the list. The
alt.movie.monsters newsgroup and other places will be full of lamers
and flamers (unfortunately) -- go there.


The GVIEW mailing list *WILL* CONTAIN SPOILERS (discussions that will
give away the plot)! There will BE no "spoiler space" or other
warnings within the list mailing itself. If you don't want to read
about the plot of the new Godzilla movie before you see it, DO NOT
SUBSCRIBE! Wait until after you have seen the movie to subscribe.

Now don't say I didn't warn you, O.K.?

I'll continue the list as long as there is interest and as long as it
is not abused, but I don't plan to widely publicize it beyond the
subscribers to GFORCE (although I expect others will hear about it and
subscribe, too).

The GVIEW list will be a DIGEST list only. It will probably get sent
out a couple of times a day at first, and then reduce to once a day or
so once the mail slows down. I expect it will see a lot of posts,
especially the first week, so if you don't want to recieve big email
posts, don't subscribe!

I hope that covers all the bases. Now those of you who want to rave or
vent can do so, and only those who want to listen will be exposed to

Me? I'll be in the 7 pm showing tomorrow night, cheering for the big
guy! See y'all Wednesday morning with a report.

Guy McLimore / guymc@evansville.net
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