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Re: News from ScienceScan

WOlewiler wrote: (a la Science Scan)
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Dann's Dinosaur web site contains recreations and
> descriptions of Australia's many dinosaurs.

Many? Boy, have I been misinformed. A crummy (no offence) distal
tibia is the most exciting dinosaur news to come out of Oz for ages
(although we're still awaiting the publication of Qantassaurus).

> You can learn
> more about down under species such as Allosaurus,
> Austrosaurus, Katuru [sic], Leaellyuasaura [sic], Minmi,
> Muttaburrasaurus, Rhotosaurus [sic] and more which come from
> sites such as Dinosaur cover [sic]

Love the spelling. Why can't we have more 'Minmi's, apparently the
shortest of all dinosaur generic names? The fewer the letters the
less likely they are to be misspelled. I vote the next dinosaur
species should be named "Bob (insert place)ensis". Although I'm
sure at least one newspaper article would come up with "Boob" or
something similar.  :)

        Dann Pigdon
        Melbourne, Australia

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        Australian Dinosaurs: