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Our first new infraction

As stated at the beginning of the month, there is now a seven
message/day quota for individual submissions to the dinosaur list.
The list received eight messages from George Olshevsky on Friday, so
I'm timing him out for one day.  George, if it's not Monday and you've
just sent a message to the list then I hope you saved a copy because I
won't even have received it...

If people think no punitive action was merited feel free to write to
me.  If you think George could have consolidated just two of his
messages in order to avoid going over quota then please tell him (he's
never really paid attention to anything I've written).

Before casting a vote either way, please ask yourself if you prefer
getting all of your dinosaur mail in the middle of the night (because
we'll head that way again if traffic picks up; I'm hoping that won't
happen until at least September, but...), and also please look at the
archives to see exactly what the infraction is (i.e. look at all eight
messages and make sure you believe they all needed to be sent, that
they needed to be sent on the same day, and that it would have been
too much trouble for George to consolidate.  I'll be happy to debate
the reasonableness of the current criterion on those bases).  

Here's hoping I never have to send a message like this again...

Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)

P.S. For Godzilla's sake *don't* respond to this message via the list.
If there's considerable discussion I'll summarize to the list any
points that the participants in the discussion would like aired.  If
after that you think I've been unfair in my summary feel free to
address the list.  But please, please, please, PLEASE don't add to the
problem I'm trying to address by going against my wishes here and
writing to the list about this issue without discussing it with me
(and/or George or any other individual you'd like to drag along)
first.  Thanks!