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Re: Chasing Monsters

     In my recent posting on this subject I forgot that many of you do not
have access to _The New Yorker_magazine,and I am very sorry. As a matter of
fact, I stumbled into it quite by accident. In the latest issue, 5/25, page 9,
there is a full-page ad for a brand of shoe. The copy,"I'm comfortable chasing
monsters" is emblazoned across a black and white photograph of Robert Bakker
blandishing what appears to be an enormous carnosaurian manus. Bakker is
assuming a very aggressive pose and a fan appears to be activating his silken
tresses. He is wearing his regulation Robert Bakker uniform right down to the
crushed Robert Bakker Cowboy Hat, which will probably be available in a store
near you soon.
     My question is: How many of these crushed cowboy hats does he own? Having
owned cowboy hats and used them, I know that they can blow away in those
short-grass prairie winds or even disintegrate from sweat and sun. And does
"hollywood's dinosaur guru"(like the ad states in small print) crush his own
hats, does he have someone do the crushing for him, or does he just buy them
that way? Are there specifications for the crushing of Robert Bakker cowboy
     Next week: Tips on the Robert Bakker Method for Acting on Television
Documentaries using the fingers, eye-squints, and eccentric syntax. Dan