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Bakkermania! (was Chasing Monsters)

From: Danvarner <Danvarner@aol.com>

>     Next week: Tips on the Robert Bakker Method for Acting on 
>Documentaries using the fingers, eye-squints, and eccentric syntax. 

The guy makes me cringe too, which leads me to query the pros: how is 
his published work?  I mean the real technical writing, not TDH (which 
I've read).  Is it respected?  Does it generally make sense?

He seems to have such an agenda to make dinosaurs smarter than Steven 
Hawking and faster than cheetahs that I can't help but reflexively doubt 
everything he says.  For example, on a television program he recently 
portrayed Coelophysis as the pack-hunting terror of the Triassic, while 
I've assumed all along that the big predatory thecodonts would've been 
perfectly happy to eat Coelophysis with some fava beans and a nice 


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