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On Sun, 24 May 1998, Dinogeorge wrote:
> The point is that a
> large fraction of the earth at any time is >not< a depositional environment,
> and consequently a large fraction of the earth's biome at any epoch will never
> have a chance to become part of the fossil record.

I thought you were saying that since today's grassy biomes support many
vertebrate species that non-avian dinosaurs were probably speciose in
analagous Cretaceous settings.  If this were true species counts should be
higher than the fossil counts simply because grassy biomes don't help the
fossilizing process.  

The argument against this is that there were no such analogous biomes and
therefore not as many species as there might be if there were.

But I am definitely not arguing with your propostion that there were more
non-avian dinosaurs than those indicated by the fossils.