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Dinosaur TV Week

Mirrored as of late Sunday night at 

                              *  *  *

Here are some highlights of U.S. national television programming 
concerning dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, all times Eastern:

Monday, May 25

TRAVEL Channel, 10:00am 
Appalachian Stories
"Gatlinburg, Tennessee"
Includes discussion of fossils found in the town's environs.

Tuesday, May 26

A&E, 6:00am
"Ape Man -- the Human Puzzle"
Evolution from the dinosaurs to humans.

Friday, May 29

Lifetime, 10:00am
Home Matters
Includes segment on amateur paleontology.

Saturday, May 30

Discovery Channel, 5:00pm
Ultimate Guide
Evolution of snakes.

Sunday, May 31

TNT, 3:35am
Valley of Gwangi
A Wild West allosaur with more personality than all the dinosaurs in 
Spielberg-land put together.  Bravo Harryhausen.

Discovery Channel, 9:30am
Bonehead Detectives of the Paleoworld
Children's program about paleontology.  This episode: "The Dinosaur 
Genius" -- dinosaur intelligence.

Sci-Fi Channel, 3:00pm
King Kong versus Godzilla
The favorite Godzilla "versus" movie of many people.  Also known as "How 
to Keep a Boulder in the Air for an Hour."

I invite you to enjoy a refreshing beverage and view this remarkably 
lightweight Dinosaur TV week,


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