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Re: Bakkermania! (was Chasing Monsters)

> From: Larry Dunn <larrydunn@hotmail.com>
> To: dinosaur@usc.edu
> Subject: Bakkermania! (was Chasing Monsters)
> Date: Sunday, May 24, 1998 8:58 PM
> From: Danvarner <Danvarner@aol.com>
> >     Next week: Tips on the Robert Bakker Method for Acting on 
> Television
> >Documentaries using the fingers, eye-squints, and eccentric syntax. 
> The guy makes me cringe too, which leads me to query the pros: how is 
> his published work?  I mean the real technical writing, not TDH (which 
> I've read).  Is it respected?  Does it generally make sense?
> He seems to have such an agenda to make dinosaurs smarter than Steven 
> Hawking and faster than cheetahs that I can't help but reflexively doubt 
> everything he says.  For example, on a television program he recently 
> portrayed Coelophysis as the pack-hunting terror of the Triassic, while 
> I've assumed all along that the big predatory thecodonts would've been 
> perfectly happy to eat Coelophysis with some fava beans and a nice 
> Chianti.
> Larry
> ______________________________________________________
Larry ,
Dr.Bob publishes his stuff in ' The Hunteria' at the University of Colorado
 Is this the TDH you're referring to ?
I met him at a lecture about 5 years ago ,at UNCW in Wilmington , N.C. His
campus escort was from Raleigh , and happened to be wearing one of my dino
t-shirts. He asked where he could get one .To make a long story short , I
got primo seats at the lecture ,and Bob got a shirt and some prints . The
guy's arrogant , eccentric and somewhat wide of the mark at times , but
he's entertaining in the context of a lecture and not a bad artist .He
absolutely should stay in the field and off of the T.V . 

Regards , Truett Garner