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Re: Bakkermania! (was Chasing Monsters)

>(Bakker) iss arrogant , eccentric and somewhat wide of the mark at times , but
>he's entertaining in the context of a lecture and not a bad artist .He
>absolutely should stay in the field and off of the T.V .
>Regards , Truett Garner

He is also gives the BEST dinosaur anatomy seminars and makes wonders in 15
minutes of a Carnosaur talk at the SVP. The amount of information,
controversy and excitement he gives us in 5 minutes can be the equivalent
of hours of talking by the likes of Horner, etc. Never seen something like

And no, I don't think he should stay off TV or any kind of media. Loving or
hating him, he provokes and shakes . My favourite motto: 'If it is not
excessive it is not genius'... we'll have time to size him down to a more
'realistic' view later. Let him talk!

Luis Rey

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