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Re: Bakkermania! (was Chasing Monsters)

There seems to be a misunderstanding developing on this topic. In no way did I
suggest that anyone's freedom of speech be infringed upon. In the States today
we are celebrating a holiday dedicated to those who died in military action to
save that right. Bakker has that right and should have. He is also brilliant
and gifted. No argument there. He also occasionally goes over the top, as in
this ad, and when he does so perhaps invites idiotic comments like those I
made. Luis and Dinogeorge are absolutely correct about his influence on
dinosaur paleontology. But he also affects the public's perception of dinosaur
paleontology by being it's most prominent and nearly omnipresent spokesman. In
that role, his actions should be of interest to all of us and worthy of
comment . Dan Varner, Flag Waver.