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Re: Bakkermania! (was Chasing Monsters)

Bob Bakker is the PT Barnum of paleontology - and I mean that as a complement!
At Dinofest 98 he gave the most entertaining talk of the symposium and one of
the best attended.  Sure he is charismatic, flamboyant, outspoken, and
controversial among other attributes but he is a media magnet and is in the
forefront when it comes to keeping dinosaurs in the public eye.  I have
autographed first editions of both TDH & Raptor Red and was at Raptor Red's
first release party in Medicine Bow.  I have been on two digs with Bakker and
he is a tireless field boss, gifted teacher and artist and a fascinating and
complex man who relishes his role as the "bad boy" of paleontology!  Am I one
of his acolytes?  No.  Am I one of his fans?  Yes.  Do I agree with or believe
everything he says?  Not a chance!  I see Bob Bakker's primary role in
paleontology as being similar to Carl Sagan's role in astronomy - he gets
people to pay attention!  You must have their attention before you can educate
them.   As far as I have observed he is no more afraid of snakes than the rest
of us.
Live Long and Prosper, Bob Bakker!


Rik Chandler

P.S. He really hates Star Trek!