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Re: [Re: [feathers]]

      Hello Matt , can you give me some help on this question ?

archosaur@usa.net wrote:

> candles@jps.net wrote:
> >      Hello , Your answer got me to thinking , are there any birds or water 
> > foul
> > that do not have hollow bones ?
> >      Thanks for your help.
> >      Earl
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> Penguins and another bird (I forget it's name, but it lives on the Galapagos 
> and has real short wings) I know have very robust bones. They are more solid 
> than other bird bones, but I'm not sure how much. Also I believe Hesperonis 
> had bones like that too. I can't verify too much right now, but I might be 
> able to later on in the week. If I do I'll give you a ring. Till then I 
> suggest looking at some books devoted to penguins and such. They'll probably 
> have some pictures. Matt Troutman might have more to add on this too, since 
> he seems well versed in avian anatomy. Try him. I forget his e-mail, but it's 
> on the
> list and shouldn't be hard to get.
> Hope some of this helps
> Archosaur J
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