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Re: Bakkermania! (was Chasing Monsters)

From: Danvarner <Danvarner@aol.com>

>There seems to be a misunderstanding developing on this topic. In no 
way did I
>suggest that anyone's freedom of speech be infringed upon. 

Yes, and of course in no way did I ask "shouldn't we shut this guy up?" 
either.  I simply asked if his technical work was well-regarded by his 
fellow paleontologists because I do not remember hearing anything on 
this either way.  My comments about his style were stated as my opinion 
only and as a preface to and rationale for my question.  

But people seem to have a strong need to publicly defend Dr. Bakker so 
I'm glad I was of service.  Next topic: that silly scavenging-rex fella.

Finally, in response to a reply by George, let me point out that my 
comment about rauisuchids/poposaurs et al demonstrated that coelophysis 
was probably not the top predator of the late Triassic (as Bakker stated 
in front of the camera) and did not suggest that the huge predatory 
thecodonts were often able to actually catch speedy little C -- but, 
should they have tried to gang up on one of the larger thecodonts, an 
animal like Postosuchus, it would've been Coelophysis McNuggets for 
dinner that night at the thecodont residence.  

(While we're so open to dinosaurs exhibiting all sorts of sophisticated 
mammalian cooperative behavior, why not add packhunting thecodonts to 
this soup, making this sort of ganging-up even less likely to succeed? 
Triassic gang warfare!)


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