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re: Bakkermania (was Chasing Monsters)

Way back in April of 1996, the list went through this same thread.
Chris Nedin was acting moderator at that time, and he wrote:

>  [moderator - ok *this* is the last one :-/
>  I have passed it because it also brings up the possibility of an
>  interesting thread on the validity of Palaeobiology. Also it evens up the
>  score in case the big B is watching and wants to write his next book 
>  about a walk in the Garden of Ediacara. How about it Bob? All I want
>  is 25% of the gross and a lecture tour, . . .twenty? . . ten? . . .my 
>  name on the cover . . ?]

>  At 10:39 PM 4/24/96 -0400, you (Chris Nedin) wrote:
>  OK I think the "lets dump on Bob Bakker" threads have gone on 
>  long enough. Obviously people have strong opinions of Bob Bakker, 
>  but I don't consider this an appropriate forum for experssing then - 
>  especially since Bob Bakker is not here to defend himself.
>  I will no longer consider messages about Bob Bakker unless
>  they are more on topic (or you pay me lots of money).

Unless Dr. Bakker is now on the list to defend himself, as the artists 
were when we went through a critique of them, opinions on his 
personality remain inappropriate topics for this list.