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Re: Re : Majungatholus

At 09:25 AM 5/26/98 +0800, you wrote:

>Well, the type dentary of Majungasaurus is inteterminate, but other remains
>that were previously assigned to it are part of Majungatholus. Right?
Apparently not. 3 distinct specimens are referred to Majungatholus:
the holotype MNHN.MAJ 4, partial skull roof with frontal dome (currently in
The recently discovered almost complete skull and most of the tail FMNH PR 2100
An incomplete and disarticulated skull, most of precaudal column with some
cervical ribs, left ilium. Immature. UA 8678

I cannot find any indication that any other material has been referred to
Majungatholus. The original isolated teeth and caudal vertebra referred
first to Megalosaurus crenatissimus and the to Majungasaurus crenatissimus
are considered also to be not diagnostic to the generic level and presumably
are nomina dubia along with the partial dentary. 
At least one news item on the web referred to the many teeth lost by
Majungatholus, but it would appear that while the teeth may have belonged to
Majungatholus we can not be certain.
If one of the investigators (Dr Forster?) is reading this list, perhaps they
(she) could confirm for us the status of teeth etc?
 Graeme Worth
The Dinosaur Encyclopaedia