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Re: Bakker Defense

Just an additional note concerning the type specimen of _Homo sapiens

    I believe that Linneaus is NOT the type specimen, although at one time
he was proposed as it.  Bakker did manage to get the specimen (the skull
carried around the globe by Louis Psihoyos) published as the proposed type

    The Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia and the Widener Museum
**  (who I believe actually currently has the skull) were VERY UPSET with
Psihoyos for taking the skull around the world - they were only supposed to
take it for a short time.

    My most recent understanding is that the skull that has been labeled
Cope's, and made into the type specimen for _H. sapiens sapiens_ is NOT
Cope's.  It does not match the rest of the skeleton (which is at the
American Philosophical Society), and is not the right shape and size to
match descriptions and photographs of Cope.   Essentially, Bakker managed to
get a generic skull labeled the type specimen for humanity.

        Allan Edels

** = I am not sure who currently has the skull, and I can't think of the
name of the institution - this is the best I can do at this time.  Sorry.
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>"Here's another for the defense.  All the Bakker-bashers will be happy
>to know that it was Bakker who described the elected type specimen of
>- Homo sapiens!  And the the specimen - the skull of Edward Drinker
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>        First, a correction:  as it turned out later, Bakker simply didn't
>know that there already _was_ a type specimen of _H. sapiens_ -- as I
>recall, it was Linneus himself.


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