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Concerning one of the many dumb scenes in the film _The Lost World_, 
Colette Adams wrote of the Bakker character..

> Is he really terrified of snakes as was suggested in The Lost 
> World?  If so, what a wussy.  He should have his macho 
> maverick rebel-without-a-clue hat taken away.

As I pointed out in my 'review' of _Lost World_ posted here way back 
when, the fact that Burke (cf. Bakker) was so freaked out by a little 
harmless snake was stupid. Hopefully everyone who is interested in 
dinosaurs is enough interested in other animals, like snakes, to at 
least know the difference between a harmless _Lampropeltis_ and a 
venomous elapid (like _Micrurus_ and _Micruroides_, the coral 
snakes). Bakker, in fact, has frequently expressed an enthusiasm and 
affection for herptiles of all kinds, and he does know a lot about 

Besides which, I think most people may be able to put their snake 
phobia on hold when the four foot head of an angry tyrannosaur is not 
more than a few metres away.

"What are you getting angry at me for? I didn't do anything, I just 
watched it"